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Care Mother River, Protect ecological balance River XiangJiang Environmental Pro

Pub Time: 2020-11-28 09:11:25

Free Fish in "XiangJiang"

According to the Buddhist scriptures records, Although there is a sin of killing hundreds of people and horses, but if you release one living being, you will purify the other from the sin.

Hao Carbide advocate that we must cherish and cultivate all good things such as Virtuousness, Kindness, and Love . Certainly not to be anger, cruelty and solve problems with violence.  

Regurgitation-feeding "Mother River" 

Hao Carbide did not stop there after the action of freeing fish, and our people continued to use their own hands to erase the minor defects for the "Mother River".

This campaign-- "XiangJiang Environmental Protection " also attracted many fellow passers-by. They spontaneously joined us and contributed their own strength to protect the "Mother River XiangJiang".

Nourishing our "Mother River" with genuine love now. And we believe that our "Mother River" will double love & protect our next generations.