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Do you know how many series of DTH hammer drill bits are available??

Pub Time: 2020-12-21 14:12:01

DTH Hammer series are divided into: DHD SD MISSION QL HD series

The DHD series is divided into:

DHD3.5 (hammer : 3 inches) drill head diameter: 90-105MM

DHD340 (hammer 4 inches) drill head diameter: 105-130MM

DHD350 (5 inch hammer ) drill head diameter: 130-152MM

DHD360 (hammer 6 inches) drill head diameter: 152-178MM

DHD380 (hammer  8 inches) drill head diameter: 203-245MM

DHD1000 (10 inch hammer ) drill head diameter: 245MM or more


MISSION: M40, M50, M60, M80

SD: SD40, SD50, SD60, SD80

QL: QL40, QL50, QL60, QL80

Low wind pressure for down-the-hole drills: The diameter of the button generally does not exceed:18mm, the type of the button: Chisel   the diameter of the drill does not exceed 200mm

High wind pressure for down-the-hole drill bits: the diameter of the button is generally: D14-26mm, the shape of the button: spherical, parabolic

Large-caliber DTH:The button diameter is more than 30mm, generally used for piling, the drill bit diameter: more than 300mm