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Maintenance of DTH Hammer AISUDOAUSIOD

Pub Time: 2019-10-08 14:10:32



The high-pressure hammer is an impact rock drilling tool, but unlike other rock drilling tools, the rock is always left at the bottom of the hole, and the piston directly impacts the drill bit. The compressed gas enters the hammer through the drill pipe and is then discharged from the drill bit, and the exhaust gas is used to discharge the slag.The lewing motion of the hammer is provided by the rig's turret, which is provided by the rig's propulsion mechanism and transmitted through the drill pipe to the hammer.


The structure principle


The down-the-hole hammer is composed of a piston, an inner cylinder, a air distributor, a check valve, and a drill attachment mounted in an elongated outer cylinder, and the upper end of the outer cylinder is provided with an upper joint with a plate hand and a coupling thread. The lower end is provided with a card sleeve for connecting threads.The drive chuck is mainly used to transmit propulsive force and swivel motion to the drill bit. The snap ring controls the axial movement of the drill bit, and the check valve is used to prevent debris such as lump from entering the hammer when the supply of the compressed air is stopped.During the drilling process, the drill bit is pushed into the hammer and pressed against the drive chuck, at which point the piston directly impacts the drill bit for rock drilling. When the drill bit is lifted off the bottom of the hole, the strong slag discharge begins.