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What is a DTH Drill Bit?

Pub Time: 2021-01-11 14:01:07

There are four main design forms of DTH Drill Bits: convex face, flat face, concave face and deep concave face center face.Cemented carbide multi - choice ball tooth, spring tooth or ball tooth and spring tooth common tooth distribution mode.

1. Convex type: This bit comes in two forms, single boss and double boss. The latter is mainly used for large-diameter DDP bits.

Convex DDRs can keep a high drilling rate when drilling hard and hard abrasive rocks, but the flatness of drilling is poor, so it is not suitable for drilling engineering which requires high flatness of blasting holes.

2, face flat type: this shape of the drill is relatively strong and durable, suitable for drilling hard and very hard rock, but also suitable for drilling hole flatness is not high requirements of medium hard rock and soft rock.

3. Concave type: the end face of the bit head with this shape has a conical depression, which is formed by the bit in the process of drilling to maintain the centring performance of the bit, and the drilling hole has good straightness. This kind of bit has good powder discharging effect and fast drilling speed, so it is the most used DWB bit in the market.

4, end face deep concave center type: this shape of the bit is evolved from the same type of ball tooth bit, the center part of the end face of the bit has a deep concave center part.

It is used for nucleation in the process of drilling rock. When drilling deep hole, it can ensure the flatness of the gun hole. It is only suitable for drilling soft rock and medium hard rock.