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What is a Taper Drill Bit?

Pub Time: 2021-03-01 16:03:46

General Introduction: 

We offers various cutting structures design configurations, include chisel bits, cross bits and button bits, for an extensive and diverse selection. These designs can be used in a variety of rock formations for maximum productivity, high penetration rate and long service life.

Specification Overview:



 1. Special sizes may be available upon request; 

 2. Choose big and high carbide bits, when work with high impact rock drills, to improve anti-percussive capability of the inserts; 

 3. Work with soft formation, use extreme hard carbide inserts bits to get high penetration; while work with hard formation, use sub-hard carbide inserts bits to avoid inserts breaking; work with erosive formation, use anti-resistance alloy carbide inserts; 4. The taper degree of the bits must be the same as the taper rods that it is planned to work with.