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MSD brand drilling tools recommended by Brazilian customers

Pub Time: 2021-07-08 15:07:58

After the Chinese New Year holiday, we received an inquiry from Brazil.The customer had been using other brands of rock drill bits and hammer before, because the current supplier had various problems, so he started to search for drill suppliers in Google.

After communication, he decided to test the sample first, and half a month later, we received a reply from Mr. Antonio: When drilling granite, other brands can be used for about 5 days, while in the same rock structure, MSD can be used for 7-8 days, and the efficiency and product life are better than the previous ones".


A week later, we received an order for Mr. Antonio's drill bits,hammer, and parts needed for the construction. The total amount: USD 30,000, which is our first foreign trade order in the New Year, and gave us a lot of confidence to complete the performance tasks of this year.

Mr. Antonio said: "I believe in MSD because the sales staff of MSD is very professional, so from now on MSD has been my first choice, and it is also the brand I recommend most often to my peers.