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Pub Time: 2021-07-19 15:07:44

In the today´s edition of our newsletter, we want to give you some information on our TUNNELLING-, BOLTING-, & DRIFTING TOOLS.

Tunnelling engineers around the world turn to MSD for their tunnelling and blast hole drilling needs. MSD offers a COMPLETE RANGE OF TOOLS for tunnelling, bolting, and drifting projects ranging from mining to dams and other civil engineering projects.

Select the MSD drilling system that you want to integrate into your drilling operation, or choose the individual component that completes your current rock drilling system.

Our tunnelling, bolting, and drifting tools include hex and round cross-section rods in different lengths, drill bits, couplings, and reaming equipment.

MSD Drill Bit Design:

MSDs innovative drill bit is designed to increase drilling efficiency and to reduce operating costs for hard rock drilling and blasting operations. The new design promises to prolong bit life and increase drilling penetration rates.

MSD Style Drill Bits:

MSD flushing hole options can be requested on various drill bit  models for enhancing drilling performance in special rock conditions.

The flush hole features are additional reverse angled flush holes positioned in the bit body and designed to remain unblocked of rock cuttings or debris during drilling operations. Most advantageous in unconsolidated rock formations, the flush holes will continue to provide flushing function if the primary bit face flush holes become blocked with loose or clay rock debris.

Thus, Critical bit flushing function continues via the flush holes and the bit advances up to 30% faster in difficult unconsolidated rock structures. This contributes to higher drilling performance and overall reduction in total drilling costs.

If you need more information, please contact us. 

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