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Taper buttons bits

Pub Time: 2021-08-25 10:08:57


Specification Overview:

     Chisel Bits        Cross BitsButton Bits
Taper Degree
         7°     7°/11°and 12°7°/11°and 12°

Bits Socket


mm          23          23
Inch        27/32       27/32      7/8
 Bits          Diameter
mm        26-43       28-51      28-45
Inch  11/32-1 45/64      1 7/64-21 7/64-1 25/32
Remark There are horseshoe and obique chipways designs,To drill media hard,hard and crack not grown formation with rock hardness not above f15 and in place where in place where the compactiong power of the rock drill doesn's exceed 8Kg/Mpa

To drill hard,very hard and crack grown formation

There are short skirt,average long skirt,with hemi-spherica or parabolic inserts configurations,to drill eall rock formations except very hard and abrasive formations


1. Special sizes may be available upon request;

2. Choose big and high carbide bits, when work with high impact rock drills, to improve anti-percussive capability of the inserts;

3. Work with soft formation, use extreme hard carbide inserts bits to get high penetration; while work with hard formation, use sub-hard carbide inserts bits to avoid inserts breaking; work with erosive formation, use anti-resistance alloy carbide inserts;

4. The taper degree of the bits must be the same as the taper rods that it is planned to work with. 

How to order?

Chisel Bit: Bit Diameter + Taper Degree + Socket Diameter + Head Design

Cross Bit: Bit Diameter + Taper Degree + Socket Diameter

Button Bit: Bit Diameter + Taper Degree + Socket Diameter + Skirt length + Insert Configurations